In my search for self-acceptance and self-love I developed an amazing network of friends, doctors, practitioners and mentors. These individuals have helped me to find my internal strength, recognize that being me is enough and in itself is a gift to the world.  These amazing people held me, guided me, and encouraged me to follow my inner voice and passion to heal and care for others.


My practice “The Circle of Life Therapeutic Massage and Healing Touch” is based on the premise that throughout our lives we all need compassion, kindness and especially touch in order to find balance, connectedness and a true sense of peace.  Our need for connection starts in the womb and journeys with us throughout our lives.


The circle of life is a beautiful and fascinating journey from the first flutter in the womb to the last breath carrying us forward.


I would be honored to collaborate with you on your journey.



Thank you to my network of support and encouragement


Domonick Wegesin ( – Mindfulness Practitioner and Yoga Instructor

David Heron, Acupuncturist (Oakland Hills Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine)

Anthony Pape, Acupuncturist  (Chirofitness)

Jerri Lawson, Energetic Healer, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Massage Therapist

Ilene Grossman, Personal Trainer

Patti Niemi




Bay Area Massage Therapist (CMT) providing massage services in Oakland, CA and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Prenatal, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Massage for Cancer, Craniosacral, Healing Touch, Chakra Balancing








Every life is unique with a story all its own.   Each path we travel on is filled with twists and turns - some bring us great joy and happiness while others can seem like an endless journey of stress, anxiety and sadness.


My story is one of many paths – of raising a family, navigating three careers and enduring several painful periods of self-exploration.  I have traveled down many lonely roads of anxiety and depression.


 I am Heather Swallow and I am a true believer in the power of kindness, compassion and touch.  As a wife, a mother of three daughters, a former ballet dancer, and retired theater production manager, accountant and operations director, I have experienced many facets of the physical and mental strain people experience in daily life.  Although my journey has brought me great joy and sadness, it brought me to where I am today.  It has prepared me to be present as a healer for others as they transform through all stages of their lives.  Today at 50 I am finally comfortable in my own skin and overjoyed to be a Certified Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist.  This new turn in my journey allows me to combine the knowledge I gained from all of my past experiences to help my clients along their personal paths of wellness and peace.



A Journey of Many Paths